Installation d'un bar à champagne , Paris 1er
MOE: NOE Architectures
Surface: 650 m²
Budget: 1 M d‘euros
Phase: CONCOURS 2015

As it is today, by implant the project under the road, we offer a clear view to the seine from the street. Just the trees emerges from the pedestrian quay.

A combination of the hilly landscape champagne under which one we can find cellar to savoring champagne. and bleachers where we can sit and have picnic, drinks offering a great site seeing.
The roof canopy made from hight performance concrete (as ductal) this proposal was meant to sooth the visitor and create a sense of calm and peace within the busy city.
Fluidity of pedestrian flow in the site is conserved, the main access are from the high quay through the stairs which bring the visitors to a passage going inside the bar and outside on the project roof. Along the lower quays, the people can cross the building by the inside or up by the stairs to span the bar.

We give water-borne transport an important role in the champagne distribution in all Paris, from the champagne bar point.
We imagine the delivery of champagne boxes coming from the Marne then the Seine to provide green transportation from the grape vine to the glass.

Reminiscent the Parisian stone quays, we imagine a mineral pavilion. A concrete caisson beam structure, similar to the shape of a hill would cover the bar. The negative of it, in the same material, create a cave surface roof.

The existing pavers ground is preserved, the terrace roof is build with high performance concrete boxes. Below the hill covering the bar, the furniture is made by stone and concrete. Bench, tables and chairs are made in stone blocs, to keep chic, a champagne bucket is sculpted on the top of some.