Lighthouse Sea Hotel, Syracuse

The project start from the site and his landscapes.
Situated on the rocky cap in at the Capo Murro di Porco, we seems to be at the end of the world and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

The Ring try to connect the visitor and the wild territory.

The savage context within which the property belongs greatly favored by the particular beauty of the site, determined the guiding concept.
The hotel consists of a circle volume “gently resting” above the ground through a suspended structure that minimizes soil sealing and the extent of the area affected by the foundations.

The building is totally invisible from the way to. A walk appears when the visitor approach. The chal-lenge was to preserve the presence of the lighthouse as it is today. The pure circle shape it put down to promote the enjoyment of nature and the discovery of the light-house on is ground surface. The hotel is situated under this subsurface. The project assume the scale and brutality of the sea side as a respond of the lighthouse size. The used materialsremind the rough rocks, tinted by the storms.

The flat roof is fully accessible and becomes a giant treetop walk with stunning views of the sea and the Penisola di Maddalena. Designed like an outside museum, once created this gazebo, the seaside if fully accessible by users with reduced mobility and bicycles, Stroller.
As an open-air museum, the walk travel highlight the Flora and fauna which is hardly visible on the moon scape of the natural reserve.

The existing buildings are simply and respectfully renovated, they include a reception and information centre, exhibition spaces and tourist office, a restaurant and café his accessible by the ring walk or the interior pedestrian paths.

A place to be alone with his thoughts, on his own face to the sea. This facility provides, recreation and instructive facilities for tourists in a tranquil, landscaped setting. The purpose was to value and favor the savage environment surrounding the hotel, taking it as theme, seeking to provide a space to enjoy the wildness, full of comfort and quiet, in a simple and contempo-rary atmosphere. All the rooms are directed to the water infinite line, by fully glassed facades.

The brief for the building include a reception and information centre, exhibition spaces and accommo-dations, together with a restaurant and cafe. The largest volume contains the entrance, reception and also a set of public and lounge areas. Smaller volumes include staff facilities, technical, storage and service areas.

The remaining part of approxi-mately equivalent size, features 14 rooms and 2 suites, accessible by the transparent corridor on the rocks.Different types of room are drawn. Design with wide spaces, minimal design and private terraces, arranged in sets of every units, providing all the comfort and privacy to enjoy the landscape.

MOE: NOE Architectures
Surface: 1500 m²
Budget: 2.5 M d‘euros
Phase: CONCOURS 2016